what we do

We Make It Easy For You

Montebello Housing Development Corporation helps inform, educate and facilitate home ownership for people in our service area communities. We serve low-to-modest-income working families, primarily in Los Angeles County, who qualify for assistance. The majority of our clients hear about MHDC’s services through referrals of previous clients. 

MHDC provides service events including housing fairs, home rescue fairs, foreclosure workshops, financial literacy classes and outreach to more than 22 municipalities, communities and cities across the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. We also serve clients in Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties.


We are Here to Help

Down PAyment Assistance

The State of California Housing and Community Development Department awarded grants to MHDC that provide silent second mortgage loans to very low-and low-income, first-time homebuyers in Los Angeles County

First Time Home Buyer Academy

If you are not ready to purchase a home now and want an alternative to the Homebuyer Education Class you should consider our Academy for First Time Home Buyers.  This Academy takes you through a year long program with monthly workshops that cover various aspects of the home buying process in a small group setting.  

Homebuyer Education Program:

MHDC offers classes to individuals interested in home ownership. All first-time homebuyers are encouraged to attend in order to better understand home ownership and responsibilities, basic finance, and establishing or rebuilding credit — all of which result in wealth creation

Housing Development Program

MHDC has experience in new housing development and has built over 17 units of new single family residents in the Montebello area.  Projects have included single family residences, and planned unit developments.  Our experience includes pre-development activities, entitlements, construction and if necessary HOA consulting.