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Home Buyer Class Schedule for 2024



We Believe

Education is Power

Home Buyer Education Classes 

Education is at the core of MHDC’s mission, thus MHDC offers classes to individuals interested in home ownership. All first-time homebuyers are encouraged to attend in order to better understand home ownership and responsibilities, basic finance, and establishing or rebuilding credit — all of which result in wealth creation. MHDC believes a solid education and financial literacy are equally important for home ownership and for home-ownership retention.  Call MHDC at 323-722-3955 for more information.  The fee per class per person is $45.00 and includes a certificate of completion with successful completion of the course.

 To qualify for downpayment assistance classes are mandatory, per HUD requirements, MHDC encourages current homeowners to attend in order to obtain the most current information on home buying opportunities. Classes consist of eight hours of pre-acquisition and two hours of post-acquisition information. 

We Believe

Education is Power

First Time Home Buyer Academy 

If you are not ready to purchase a home now and want an alternative to the Homebuyer Education Class you should consider our Academy for First Time Home Buyers.  This Academy takes you through a year long program with monthly workshops that cover various aspects of the home buying process in a small group setting.  If you would be interested in knowing the home buying process, this is an excellent opportunity for you.  

Have you always wondered how to determine what you can afford, what a good interest rate is, what’s my FICO score, what is considered a “good mortgage”, and how does the market determine value?  This and many other concepts are demystified for you in our workshops with one of our counselors, so you can ask questions and get the information you need and into homeownership with confidence.