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Board Members and Executive

  Robert Monzon President  
  Pat Renteria Board CFO  
  Joe Sandoval Board Secretary/Human Resources  
  Jaime Legaspi Board Member/Acquisitions and Rehab  
Alejandra Gutierrez Board Member

Operations Staff

  Renee Chavez Operations Manager  
  Rachel Reyna Administrive Assistant  
  Counseling and Education Department Staff    
  Sergio Hernandez Senior Housing Counselor  
  Juan Rivera Housing Counselor  
  Kathryn Vazquez Receptionist  

Cynthia Aquino

Administrative Support Staff  
  Desiree Salcedo Administrative Support Staff  
  Maria Louisa Contreras Accountant  
  Chuck Lawrence Housing Development Consultant  
  David Reyna Grants and Foundations  
  Kirk Kemp Project Manager  

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